This Book “Educated” the Audience

“Educated” by Tara Westover is a memoir which explores the triumphs and tribulations of her unique life.  Living in in rural Idaho, her parents disregarded traditional schooling and adopted a rather transcendentalist ideology with a hint of twisted mormonism. Westover craved something that is easily attainable for other children: an education. Her memoir explores the defining and daunting moments of her childhood with seamless prose.  Westover’s mastery of language makes her recounting of life stories more than just that. Westover revisits traumatic events of her past with a tender tone that bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood. Westover often includes an asterisk beneath the text which identifies discrepancies in the memories from her life. Westover’s decision to include side notes makes the remarkable story of her life more believable, since memories from childhood are often cloudy in one’s mind.  Including perspective from different family members while recounting her own memories and experiences creates a deeper understanding of her experiences. “Educated” is a book for anyone searching for a good read. This memoir will make readers reevaluate the things taken for granted in life.  Non-conformists, teachers, parents, and teenagers alike will appreciate this deeply personal reflection of a journey to self acceptance.