Mr. Cherokee Kicks off the Countdown to Graduation


Dayna Schubert

Mr. Cherokee contestants await the results of the competition.

As first semester closes and second semester begins, the annual Mr. Cherokee competition is here. Similar to Miss America, male members of the senior class compete in four separate competitions: casual wear, talent, formal wear, and fishbowl questions. This year, the competitors wear Gaurav Dravida, Jack DelVecchio, Andrew Elsey, Kevin Linden, Matt Marini, Harrison Olt, Ryan Fanelli, and Adam Remininski. All eight boys competed hard, but there can only be one Mr. Cherokee.

This year, Adam Remininski wowed not only the crowd, but the judges with his painting of Khalid, fun fishbowl question answer, and outfit choices. There may be only one Mr. Cherokee, but there are four other titles up for grabs: Mr. Photogenic, Mr. Faculty Favorite, Mr. Class Favorite, and Mr. Best Talent. This year, Jack DelVecchio was voted Mr. Photogenic, Kevin Linden was Mr. Faculty Favorite, Mr. Class Favorite was Harrison Olt, and Mr. Best Talent was Andrew Elsey.

Mr. Cherokee is more than a pageant, Mr. Cherokee begins a sea of exciting times for the senior class as the countdown to graduation begins. At Mr. Cherokee, an official Senior Week and Senior Trip to Disney countdown begins as well as the seniors’ prom song is announced. Throughout the week, hundreds of students cast their ballot for their prom song and this year’s winner was Speechless by Dan and Shay. After the announcement, excited smiles, but tearful eyes were seen as the seniors looked forward to prom, but back on their four years at Cherokee.

Dating back to 1994, Mr. Cherokee is more than a competition, it is the moment that members of the senior class look forward to for years and years. As the annual kick off to graduation, it is a definite crowd pleaser and a sign of even better things to come.