Ralph Breaks the Internet as well as Social Norms

The sequel to “Wreck it Ralph” hit theaters on November 21, 2018. The duo are back and they are onto another mission. When the steering wheel of Vanellope’s game is broken, she’s devastated. Ralph doesn’t like seeing his best friend upset, so he decides to take on the newest invention: the internet. This movie contains many plot twists and brings you on a crazy adventure.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a fantastic movie that is a great addition to the first one. Vanellope and Ralph are best friends but they are completely different. Ralph loves doing his job the same way every day, while Vanellope loves change and being adventurous. These differences in personalities give the two friends a hard time. One reason this movie is so loved is because it’s relatable. Everyone goes through friendship problems at least once in their lifetime. Ralph and Vanellope show that friendships can work even through the roughest of patches. This movie focuses solely on the greatness of friendship.

This movie had many unexpected twists and turns. One astonishing plot twist was the ending. The ending wasn’t a “happily ever after”, but was actually very relatable. The Disney princesses made a special appearance and refuted all the patriarchy that came from their stories. The small bits of humor added made a great addition; it keeps the movie lighthearted and entertaining. This movie is suitable for all ages. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a wonderful family friendly movie that needs to be seen by more people. Next time you have nothing to do, watch this movie for a fun and engaging time.

4/5 feathers