Cherokee’s About to Feel a Lot More Zen


Attention Students of Cherokee High School: another new club has started. Three teachers, Mrs. McKenna, Mrs. Henry, and Ms. Farrell, have come together to start a yoga club at Cherokee. Not requiring an activity fee, Yoga Club is free to all students and requires no prior experience. The club was founded in order to provide a safe and relaxing space to all students, no matter if they have the money to pay the activity fee or not.  

The advisors want students to know that Yoga Club is more than just a couple of stretches, it is a club that has so many mental and emotional benefits. One of the advisors, Mrs. Henry stated, “Yoga teaches body awareness and steadiness of the mind. It helps regulate the nervous system and encourages a sense of peace, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Attending this club provides students with an opportunity to find their inner being and release their pent up stresses. A frequent attendee, Kimberly Toich remarks, “I really like Yoga Club because I do not always get a chance to relax during the week. Sometimes, I need a chance to relax and just be within myself and having a scheduled place to go is really nice. I also love Yoga Club because it is a community experience as we all help each other out if we do not know what to do”.

Another frequent attendee, Morgan Rourke stated, “I was very excited when I heard that the school formed a Yoga Club because yoga has always helped me relax and de-stress, so having the opportunity to do it with my friends after a long day at school is so nice,”. Students should know that yoga club is a free-spirited environment and all that is required in order to attend are some comfy clothes and a yoga mat, if you have one. Furthermore, students should not worry about being beginners or not knowing what to do because Morgan Rourke also stated, “The instructors are amazing and help those who need it and at the end of every session, we do meditations that really help me ground myself”.

If students are looking for a great way to relax and decompress while also bettering their physical and mental health, attend one of Yoga Club’s meetings. The club meets in DD105 on the first and third Wednesday of each month and is always looking for new members, so drop on in!