A Pep Rally With No Pep?

This year, many students were excited to dress up during for Spirit Week, but a lot of Cherokee had not showed a similar interest. In years past, the seniors had given Spirit Week a new meaning. There were tutus and tights just about everywhere, but this year, the lack of spirit flowed throughout the hallways and put a damper on the whole week. Some have even said that the uneventful football season is affecting the overall atmosphere among students.

Overall, Spirit Week was disappointing, but by far the most disappointing was our annual “Pep Rally.” For one hour, all of Cherokee gathers outside and sits around for a weak pep rally when schools all around us dedicate a whole day to pep rallies. Students are disappointed with the lack of interest that teachers have in celebrating homecoming and in turn, they just do not feel like celebrating.

Throughout South Jersey schools like Bishop Eustace have a week filled with competition throughout the grades. The pinnacle of their spirit week is their field day competition. Instead of a day of instruction, each grade competes with one another in various challenges to see who is the best. The Instagram posts and Snapchat stories have never failed to disappoint.  

Numerous kids have asked teachers why we could not have one day off to battle it out and have some friendly competition. Instead, Cherokee has a morning Kahoot that is not even played in all classes. Teachers do not see the point or they just completely forget to display it on their projectors. The students are wondering if there is a better way to celebrate Homecoming or should we give everything up because not many people are interested.