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Freshman Quotes

Yasmeen Matthews

“As freshman year grew closer, I became scared and stressed. However, it seems to be quite the opposite. Classes like Latin make the school day fun and the clubs I have joined allow for me to meet new people. Cherokee does not seem so frightening anymore.”

Jacklyn Guiliano

“As freshman year kicks off, my nerves continued to grow, however, my last few weeks here at Cherokee have shown that it is easier to get adjusted. Between the rotating schedule and navigating the hallways, it was a big adjustment. However, it is getting increasingly easier and Cherokee’s teachers are always willing to help. I cannot wait to see what I accomplish in the next four years!”

Caitie Woodcock

“Freshman year seems intimidating, but I am ready to take on the challenge. Even in this massive school, I cannot wait to succeed.”

Kayla Johnson

“Cherokee is a big school and navigating the hallways was a real challenge in the beginning. However, the beginning of freshman year has been filled with fun and new friends and I am quite excited for this school year!”

Nisa Gaharwar

“I think the hardest part about high school is having to wake up early, but other than that it seems to be pretty good!”

Cheyenne Hamilton

“The beginning of freshman year was scary. What if I got lost? How would I handle a new atmosphere? However, I found myself running into no trouble. Even though the thought of summer was ending was sad, the start of high school has been enjoyable and I look forward to all of the memories I will make.”

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