Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The newest installment of the Star Wars saga has arrived, answering many of our questions from “The Force Awakens,” but also making fans ask more. The thrilling, jam-packed sci-fi adventure picks up immediately after episode seven as the Resistance’s pursuit to find Luke Skywalker continues and they attempt to defeat the First Order.

In many ways, the movie was great. Some fans argue that it’s an “Empire Strikes Back” kind of great, which hasn’t been said about previous movies in years. There were many hidden references and Easter Eggs that date back to the other “Star Wars” movies including some from “Rogue One”, which was a standalone movie separate from our usual Skywalker saga, which surprised viewers upon discovering them.

The cinematography was outstanding. Director Rian Johnson and his crew did a fantastic job in contemplating which locations on Earth could be manipulated using movie-magic to look otherworldly. And with this, the introduction to new creatures made that impact more effective.

“Star Wars” is known for its characters, and “The Last Jedi” doesn’t disappoint in introducing new characters and bringing back the ones we love. The introduction to new characters was very smooth and not rushed; it all felt natural in how the audience met them. Aboard the Resistance cruiser, Finn meets mechanic Rose Tico.  They talk about how she looks up to him, Finn being a newfound hero to the “Star Wars” universe, and things continue from there. Their encounter was subtle and not rushed. The same can be said about their other icons like General Leia Organa and Poe Dameron, as they were right where they’re thought to be in a given situation.

As hard as it is to say, there were indeed some downsides. The plot thickens, but also creates a lot of uproar in how some of the scenes allow for plot holes. Devoid of explanation, some viewers will be in question as to “why this happened to so-and-so” and “how so-and-so did this.” Those answers may come from outside sources, such as diehards of the franchise who just so happen to know the answer. For those that don’t know, it’ll be a two-year wait for the truth of why Supreme Leader Snoke died so quickly, even though he was built up to be a powerful figure. This plot hole is joined by the questions of how Leia was able to rescue herself from dying in space using the Force, having never used the Force on screen before.

Moreover, some may argue that the plot was very cheesy and ridiculous; that it didn’t even feel like “Star Wars.” Everyone holds their own opinion, but ideas can’t be recycled time and time again. “Star Wars” has to do something new. “The Last Jedi” definitely changes our expectations and widens the horizon of possibilities for explanations to answers, as well as expand on Disney’s ability to put things into their movies.

Ultimately, “The Last Jedi” didn’t have to be the brightest and the best for them to score over $200 million opening weekend in the box office, but from what they gave its viewers, it’s well-worth the watch. “The Last Jedi” receives a 4 out of 5 for the movie’s uniqueness, but also Johnson’s job in keeping it the same old “Star Wars” we all know and love.