Girls Varsity Basketball Scrimmage Success

On Friday, December 8, Cherokee’s Girls Varsity Basketball played a scrimmage against Rancocas Valley Regional High School. In only their second scrimmage, the team showed a strong compatibility and beat Rancocas Valley with ease. Since the girls were still getting used to playing with each other, they were a little anxious at the start of the game.

As team manager junior Lauren Fowler puts it, “we started off a little rough.”

However, despite the initial apprehension, the team overcame all hesitancy and played a strong game, finishing with about 20 more points in total than Rancocas Valley. In a scrimmage, the score is reset to zero at the end of each quarter.

Fowler says, “We kind of have a young team so everyone has to get more comfortable with playing with each other but I think we’ll have another good season.”

Fowler also states that she has high hopes for sophomore Kennedy Wilburn, who will hopefully help lead the team to many future victories. Wilburn has very impressive skills and her teammates report looking forward to seeing her thrive during the season.  Team captains seniors Lyndsay Craig, Katie Cummiskey, and junior Ava Therien hope to lead another outstanding season this year and uphold their reputation from the successful season last year. Their fellow Cherokee students cheer them on with great optimism for the following games.  The scrimmage with RV was a solid one and set up a promising outlook for the rest of the season. The girls opened their regular season against Shawnee on Tuesday, December 19.