Cherokee Dances the Night Away

On October 28, 2017, Cherokee High School hosted its annual Homecoming dance. The dance was the end to a wild Spirit Week and brought students from the school together into one place: the North Gym.  

Besides the Senior Prom and Sophomore Cotillion, this dance is a major event on Cherokee’s social calendar. As one of the few events able to be attended by students from all grades,  the freshman class relished their time sharing the room with their senior idols, while the seniors anxiously awaited the results of Homecoming nominations.

It was a close race, but there could only be one king and queen. This year’s king was quarterback, Jack Walters, and his queen was Lindsay Florio. The two celebrated their win with a dance, and as the other seniors soon joined in, the younger grades began to dream of senior year.

The dance was a night to remember as hundreds of students gathered together and danced the night away. The memories of a Homecoming dance will last forever, and before long, the next Homecoming will be upon us.